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標題: Taiwan jazz piano competition [打印本頁]

作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 9-27-2009 14:29     標題: Taiwan jazz piano competition

I came across this recently.

In my opinion I don't think the person who played donna lee should have got the first prize.  He played the head fine, and the solo was "Okay" at best(He really wasn't making the changes).  I think the 2nd and 3rd place piano player player played much better musically and overall, even though their playing wasn't very jazz-like

I was wondering, who is judging the competition?
作者: Chris    時間: 9-27-2009 17:25     標題: 看論壇學英文

剛看了 youtube 半天本來還看不太懂...

winner 是第一名

1st runner up 是第二名
2nd runner up 是指第三名?

praise prize 是鼓勵獎嗎?


我比較好奇是一般爵士鋼琴比賽都是比 solo piano 還是要跟 rhythm section 搭?

>even though their playing wasn't very jazz-like
so what will you call it (the style they were playing)?
作者: KenK    時間: 9-27-2009 22:35

我的看法跟 Jason 一樣
作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 9-28-2009 02:34


i think you are right about the 1st place 2nd place ..etc.  It's hard to describe jazz as a style, it's like language... you can hear the difference between someone who is fluent in chinese vs someone like me speaking chinese.. something about my accent, my speaking doesn't sound right.  It's something you hear in the kinds of chords people play, kind of ideas people improvise.

I think in most competitions, you are playing with a rhythm section.  I know that a rhythm section is provided for Monk Competition.. (you get to have someone like Car Allen Playing drums for you).  I personally don't think it's unfair to compare a solo performance against group performance, because solo piano is much harder, you have to play bass, keep time, all by yourself.


I guess the question is, Do you give prizes according to how good the performance is musically, or how "jazzy" it is?  The problem with the winner is that the fact his playing was 'jazzy' has a lot to do with the fact that he had a bass player.. and that has nothing to do with his ability.  In fact the 2nd/3rd place pianist played something that was musically much harder and interesting.
作者: Chris    時間: 9-28-2009 12:34     標題: 科科

1. 其實我是真的想問 這種 style 有沒有一個名稱可以形容 
 這樣 style 的鋼琴其實還滿常聽到的 可是跟我們理解的 jazz piano 似乎又有一點不一樣....

2. 我也不太懂鋼琴 playing(比如你說 solo piano is harder,因為要 all by yourself),
作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 9-29-2009 02:39


1.  I guess people would call this kind of playing 'lounge piano" or "lounge music" I am not sure?  It's the kind of 'jazz' you hear in piano bars.
作者: 抹茶    時間: 1-4-2010 22:35

這首曲子叫做 what are you doing the rest of your life?
中間其實是有Swing Feel的即興和結尾的...

其實Donna lee我也會彈阿...(小聲抱怨XD

另外這個比賽有強調說一定要有Jazz的Swing Feel


作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 1-10-2010 22:20


i actually think you played very nice.  Like I said, the biggestproblem is that you can't compare solo performance with a groupperformance.  Most jazz piano competition specify between solo andgroup.. meaning that some competition or mean for solo piano only orpiano trio only.

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