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標題: Harmonic Exercises for the piano [打印本頁]

作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 6-25-2009 04:08     標題: Harmonic Exercises for the piano

These are exercises I came up with for myself.  The first one is called "polyphonic exercise".. I wrote this to help think of chords not just us block of sound, but as counterpoint... as individual voices, rather than blocks of sounds.

For example, notice how the Eb of the Cmin7b5 is going chromatically down to D(13th of F7), Db(b13 of F7) on mm1-3 or the Left hand on mm11.. there are counter-melody that is playing against the melody.

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作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 6-25-2009 04:18

these are unique voicings. the 1st one is based on diminished scale, the second one is based on so what and 4th chords.  The last are voicings I transcribed.. they are used quite often by modern pianists.  I've also included midi sound file for these exercises to listen to.

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作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 6-25-2009 20:06

This one is just examples of good voicing and voice leadings I've transcribed.  A lot of them are intro or ending to a song.

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作者: gaji    時間: 1-31-2011 22:50

Thanks for these materials. i have just joined this forum and found these very useful. I am also abeginner......I was playing classical all the time. The polyphonic exercise pretty much reminds meof my counterpoint homework......
作者: JasonHayashi    時間: 2-5-2011 02:44


Thanks for checking out the exercises

I actually made that one so that I can actually start thinking solo piano more in terms of counter-point, and not just play chords as blocks of sounds, because really good jazz pianists do that too when they improvise solo piano stuff.

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